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Concept imagines new iMac ahead of Apple’s ‘Spring loaded’ event

Concept imagines new iMac ahead of Apple’s ‘Spring loaded’ event


If this is the iMac we are getting, please let it come tomorrow.

What you need to know

  • ConceptsiPhone and Khan Design have put together a new iMac concept.
  • It is basically a gigantic iPad Pro on a Pro Display XDR stand.

Apple’s ‘Spring loaded’ event is kicking off tomorrow and, ahead of the event, a new concept has surfaced that imagines what the new Apple silicon iMac could look like.

ConceptsiPhone and Khahn Design partnered on the project, producing what would be a gorgeous new design for the iMac if Apple did what they put together. As explained in the description of the video, the concept is based on a combination of Apple products. The stand is comparable to the Pro Display XDR, the monitor looks like a huge iPad Pro, and the colors are reminiscent of the iPad Air lineup.

In this iMac, we used some design elements about the Apple XDR Display and the Apple Mac Pro. The design language and colours follow the iPad Air and Pro design. This device follows the same size as the apple high-end display, but with a cheaper stand and body version, and we created it in 2 sizes that using Apple Silicon processor.

Rumors have popped up lately that Apple could surprise us all with new iMacs at its event tomorrow. The new desktop, which has been due for a redesign for years now, is expected to more resemble an iPad-design and include the company’s new Apple silicon processors.

However exciting new iMacs would be, new iPad Pros and the long-rumored AirTags are still the safest bet as to what should be expected at tomorrow’s event. If you wanted to really stretch it out, there are rumblings of new AirPods and even Apple Podcasts+.

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