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2024 Pricing Update



Dear customer,

As we go into this New Year 2024 we would first of all like to wish you all the best.

We also would like to notify you of some changes in rates, as well as for our services as products sold by iSupport.


iSupport’s hourly rates

iSupport has implemented a rate adjustment for 2024. This decision stems from our commitment to maintaining the high standards of service and support you have come to expect from us.

As a company dedicated to continuous improvement, the rates increase is necessary to keep pace with rising operational costs and ensure that we can provide you with the best possible service.

Over the past two years, we have maintained our pricing at a consistent level, absorbing various operational costs to ensure minimal impact on your budget. However, in this dynamic landscape of technology and IT services, our commitment to excellence and sustainability requires us to make a modest adjustment to our rates.

We understand that any change in pricing can raise concerns, and we want to assure you that this decision is rooted in our commitment to sustaining excellence in service. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the rates adjustment, we encourage you to reach out to us per e-mail on or per telephone on +352 20 40 20 20.

Click here to see our new rates.



Furthermore we would like to notify you about a change to our Letsignit signature product. As well the names and pricing have changed and may slightly affect your upcoming invoices.

Letsignit Starter is now known as Letsignit Branding (new price € 1,59 VAT exclusive) & Letsignit Business is now known as Letsignit Campaigns (new price € 1,99 VAT exclusive). In addition to the name change, there have also been slight changes to the feature set of each offer. For details on Letsignit Branding and Letsignit Campaigns, please refer to this page.



David Rosner – iSupport

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